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Reminder: 45 CFR Part 75, Subpart F requires recipients expending $750,000 or more in Federal awards during their FYs to complete Single Audits and submit the related reports to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) within 9 months after the end of their audit periods. However, OMB granted a six (6) month extension for recipients in Puerto Rico, Alaska, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina with Single Audits due between September 18, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Recipients and subrecipients in the less affected areas are encouraged to submit their reports as soon as possible. Please email with questions.

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Life Course Translational Research Network (LCT-RN)

  • Program Name:Life Course Translational Research Network
  • Activity Code:U9D
  • Application Available:1/10/2023
  • Application Deadline:4/10/2023
  • Created By:Wildberger, William
  • Created On:1/25/2022
  • Last Updated by:Wildberger, William
  • Last Updated On:1/10/2023
  • Estimated Project Start Date:9/1/2023

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 Announcement Information

Announcement Number HRSA-23-083
Announcement Code
CFDA Number 93.110
Provisional No
Activity Code U9D
Competitive Yes
Fiscal Year 2023


This notice announces the opportunity to apply for funding under the FY 2023 Life Course Translational Research Network (LCT-RN) Program. The purpose of this program is to establish and maintain an interdisciplinary, national, multi-site research platform for scientific collaboration and infrastructure building to conduct timely, innovative, high-quality, applied life course intervention1 research studies that have the potential to be translated3 into practice. The LCT-RN will promote child health and health equity2 across the lifespan. The findings from these studies are expected to inform MCHB program planning, policymaking, and evidence-based practice from a life course perspective. Life course translational research considers the health and well-being of the whole child in the context of the family and broader ecological levels,4 identifies strategic opportunities to intervene, and translates findings into practice to improve population health. In this funding cycle, LCT-RN will place a high priority on studies that focus on health equity and how maternal, paternal, and family physical and mental health affects child health, recognizing the importance of two-generation models5 for influencing intergenerational health. The LCT-RN will collaborate with HRSA MCHB-funded programs to identify priority topics, implement multi-site intervention studies, and translate findings into practice. The objectives of the LCT-RN to be completed during the 5-year period of performance are to: • Grow and expand an interdisciplinary, national, multi-site, collaborative translational research network that will accelerate the translation of life course research into practice and reduce health disparities in MCH populations; • Conduct at least five intervention research studies that apply life course theory, have the potential to modify health development at critical life stages, and can be translated into public health practice; • Develop strategic collaborations to inform research priorities and ensure activities are responsive to the needs of underserved communities; • Train and mentor at least 10 junior/new investigators annually including those from underserved communities and/or those from minority-serving institutions; and • Disseminate research findings including at least five peer-reviewed publications per year; and evaluate the impact of research activities on programs, practices, and policy. For more details, see Program Requirements and Expectations.

 Application Information

Application Available 01/10/2023
Application Deadline 04/10/2023
Supplemental Application Deadline N/A
Explanation for Deadline N/A
Archive Date 06/09/2023
Letter of Intent Not required
Application Package SF424 R&R
Allow Applications to be Reopened in EHBs No
FOA Available Yes
Competitive Application Types Supported New
Allow Electronic Submission N/A
Page Limit for Application
Allow Multiple Applications
from an Organization from
Electronic Submission Instruction Electronic submission is/will be available in Grants.Gov

 General Information

Projected Award Date N/A
Estimated Project Period N/A
Estimated Project Start Date 09/01/2023
Estimated Project End Date 08/31/2028
Estimated Amount of this Competition $800,000.00
Estimated Number of Awards 1
Estimated Average Size of Awards $800,000.00
Cost Sharing No
Cooperative Agreement Yes

 Contact Information

Name Jessica DiBari and Deborah Quint Shelef
Phone Number 301-443-4690

 Download Information

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Document Name Size Date Attached Description
MCHB HRSA-23-083 (U9D) LCT-RN_Final_rev.pdf 523 kB 01/10/2023
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