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The EHBs login process is changing May 26, 2023, for Applicant/Grantees and Service Providers. To enhance EHBs’ security, the EHBs will use and two-factor authentication. Applicant/Grantees and Service Providers must create a account by May 25, 2023, to prepare for the new login process. For step-by-step instructions on creating a account refer to the EHBs Wiki Help page

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News What’s New Go Live Grantee Message

Friday, October 29, 2021

What’s New Message :

Transition to Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) – October 2021 updates

HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) has been further updated to continue to support the transition to the new Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). For more information on this transition, refer to the GSA Web site.

As of October 28th, the second round of updates have gone live in the EHBs. The EHBs Applications, Applications, and Smart Assist have been updated to show the UEI field.

For additional details and examples of the EHBs changes, please refer to the EHBs Help page.


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