System Alert Reminder: Recipients expending $750,000 or more in federal awards during their fiscal years must have audits completed in accordance with 45 CFR Part 75, Subpart F and submit the related audit reports to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse within the earlier of 30 days after receipt from the auditors or nine months after the end of the audit periods.
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News HRSA EHBs will feature Screen Sharing with Contact Center and BPHC Helpline starting November 17th!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The new Screen Sharing feature will allow you to share EHBs screen with HRSA Contact Center and BPHC Helpline staff while they are assisting with your EHBs related request.

While the agents are assisting the users over the phone, they will determine whether a Screen Sharing session will help in addressing the question more efficiently and effectively. Contact Center and BPHC Helpline staff will have the capability to initiate a screen sharing session and instruct the users to share their EHBs screen.

Please refer to the EHBs Knowledgebase- Opens in a new window. for details on accessing this feature.


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